Top Digital Pianos Reviews of 2019

Who doesn’t like a good musical instrument? The best digital pianos should focus on the kind of music and sounds it produces, and should be authentic in its feel. Basically, they need to sound and feel good to make it to the list of best digital pianos. For those who favor the digital pianos and keyboards, here is our very own curated list of the best options available in the market.

The Roland RD-2000

This piano is for the ones who look for the incredibility in the sound produced. The two sound engines present on the piano, namely the SuperNATURAL and the V-Piano make it sound appealing to any digital piano enthusiast. Both the piano and the electric piano sounds are the best among the available options in the market as are the weighted keys present on the digital piano. Professional musicians can use this both on stage and at home. The keyboard slips into eight zones with individual sounds for each while also layering up to eight sounds which work perfectly for the user to produce unique sound effects. All your original pieces and under-construction works can be saved in the keyboard’s internal memory where it is easily accessible whenever needed. The keyboard focuses on ‘control’ as the key variable. You can control your DAW directly, accessing any sounds needed, triggering any loops and/or samples while controlling various aspects in your voice in real time. This is done using eight velocity sensitive knobs and nine assignable sliders. All these points are LED-lit making it easier in darker environments. While being great for professional musicians, this is not the easiest or most adaptable option for beginners or for any forms of general practice.

Yamaha YDP-184

This is built around the sounds of Yamaha’s CFX 9’ concert grand piano, which makes it a beautiful musical instrument to own and play with. The instrument promises the ultimate musical experience for those invested in the intricacies and the beauty of sound. You can adjust various parameters of the sound like string and damper resonance with the help of the Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) facility available on the instrument. It is a great improvement for the technique of string vibration, an important aspect in digital pianos. Any viewer will appreciate the expressiveness of the weighted keys. There are 24 voices on the system including that of the electric piano and the 256-note max polyphony. The MIDI record function allows you to record your playing and the USB connection port simplifies the process of connecting to devices.

Kawai MP11SE

This brand is known for their luxurious and high-quality pianos with provisions for meticulous sampling/recording. This instrument stands true to tradition and includes Kawai’s Shigeru SK-EX, SK-5 and Kawai EX concert grand piano sounds. The MP11SE has the most realistic keyboard action of all the keyboard pianos, extending the pivot point on the hammer action keys to match the Shigeru concert grand piano. The instrument lacks in a wide selection of voices, as compared to the previous instruments, but focuses more on grand piano sounds.

Casio CGP-700

The Casio keyboard satisfies all parties, offers great value of money and is considered an all-rounder option. It boasts of 550 different sounds and 220 rhythms so you can’t complain of lack of diversity here. All of this can be accessed on the 5.3” color touch panel. While being easy and quick to get the grasp of, the instrument also has USB recording capability with a 17-track sequencer that has immense potential. The wooden stand is the proud holder of a 40W six speaker system that can provide an immersive experience to a wide audience.

Nord Stage 3

Here’s the prettiest instrument for the professional musicians out there. The keyboard is divided into three sections of piano, synth and organ, all of which can be customized to one’s wishes. Progressive versions have increased the memory capacities of the piano and the synth sections of the instrument to allow for deeper sampling, which means you can expect a much better sound quality than before. For the vintage lovers, watch out for the vintage rotary speaker that also has physical drawbars which helps in realistic forms of tone control. There is a dedicated OLED display that allows you to adjust the various parameters of sounds produced. Significant enhancements have been made to the split and layer functions along with the optional crossfade, along with authentic effects like the compressor and the delay.

Kord Grandstage 88

The Grandstage has 3-band EQ with four insert effects that can be easily adjusted for precise shaping of your tone when playing in real time. There is also a dedicated dynamics section along with a favorites section that allows you to bring back the most used voices quickly. The instrument also has six authentic voices from concert grand pianos to upright pianos, which are generated by Korg’s beautiful SGX-2 acoustic piano sound engine. There are 500 voices in total which also includes organs and electric pianos.

Roland RP501R

This Roland piano also uses the exclusive SuperNATURAL piano engine and features 300 voices along with the acoustic piano tones. This makes the instrument one of the most versatile options available on the list. This piano seeks to cover the space left between the beginner and the professional, providing features like the dual split for mastery. There are also some good learning materials available via the Roland app. There is a record function that allows you to record directly to the piano’s internal memory or a selected USB drive. This piano is good enough to last beyond the beginner and the intermediate levels of playing and still remain challenging. It is best suited for the likes of classical musicians. The realistic hammer keys and the various educational features available on the app give it a significant edge over other piano options discussed above.

This list cannot aim to be conclusive but we have managed to provide the best options that should serve as a gateway to more research and discovery.…