Modernize Your Living Room with these In-Ceiling Speakers

A little music at the right time is the perfect energizer for a seemingly dull day. The perfect audio makes an ordinary movie into an absolute thriller. Thus, the secret lies in a great audio system, and this is where you’ll be introduced to the great benefit of in-ceiling speakers. Ceiling speakers are intended to be long-term solutions for producing room-filling sounds so a careful selection of speakers for the perfect sound quality is very important. So, if you’re looking for good speakers to place in your living room so that the sound envelops you and give you the ultimate experience, here are the best in-ceiling speakers you can invest in and benefit from.

Polk Audio RC80i

Here are some specs – the speaker uses 8” dynamic balance cone composed on polymer and filled with mineral for that high-grade surrounding sound effects. A component called the mid bass driver combines with a 1” soft-dome tweeter that is metallic and capable of a 15 degree swivel mount to produce the best well-balanced sounds with wide-reaching effects. No matter where you’re listening from, even when not within the range of the speakers, they do not fail to deliver high quality sound. For the moving parts to efficiently synchronize whenever necessary, a durable basket design makes sure that all of them are perfectly aligned. There are also rotating cams that work at keeping the speakers in place and secure when suspended from the ceiling.

Micca M-8C

While the most attractive feature of this speaker is its low price, the M-8C is also a great system because of the dedicated woofer-tweeter combination that allows it to respond to a wide range of frequency with excellent flexibility for audio configuration. The woofer is 8 inches in diameter and benefits from the high excursion design for maximized dispersion of the sound waves. The tweeter measures an inch with a soft, durable and rigid dome for any high frequency sound. This ensures that whether the sounds have a subtle soundscape or a highly impacting booming bass, you will have an enjoyable audio experience.

Klipsch CDT-5650-C II

A main concern with speakers used to be deciding the location. This problem can be effectively erased with the Klipsch speakers because of their Controlled Dispersion Technology (CDT) mechanism that can handle both low and high frequencies gracefully. They are accompanied by 6.5” pivoting ceramic or metallic composite woofers that has 360-degree rotation capabilities and can shift 15 degrees in any direction, allowing for optimal sound control. The 1” titanium compressor driver can pivot 100 degrees so the system is built for high quality sound performance which is pushed through Klipsch-exclusive and patented symmetrical TrackTrix horns. Combined with the Linear Travel Suspension for further enhancing the high-end frequency response, this assists in directing the sound in whichever direction required and more accurately compared to most tweeters available in the market.

Acoustic Audio CS-IC83

This model is for those who are browsing the market with a large speaker count in mind. The Goldwoods Audio Acoustic range provides 5-piece sets focuses on bulk buy. The best part is that the system is a pretty affordable range for the 3-way class system setup. Each speaker boasts of a 8” woofer, a midrange driver and one tweeter. The woofers are seated within high-grade butyl surrounds for dampening effects. The cone is made from highly rigid polypropylene while the mid-range driver cones are of poly-mica. The 13 tweeters emphasize on the soft dome concept for efficiency in high frequency registers. This is your selection if you’re looking for well-balanced and beautiful audio. They are also easy to handle, set up and have a great power capacity ranging from 20 to 350 watts per speaker.

Polk Audio RC-65i

Compared to 80i, these are smaller in size. The dynamic balance woofer is also smaller at 6.5” but still has a wide dispersion design, allowing the sounds to envelop big spaces. Other than that, they share the same core components and specifications with 80i. The cones are polymer composites, filled with mineral and have high-quality rubber surrounds for the maximum effect and dampening of any unwanted resonance. The tweeter is a soft-dome and swivel mounted. These speakers are good for both internal and external mounting as they are very durable and made of moisture-resistant materials. The small size, affordability and capability to produce loud sounds make them a viable option.

Yamaha NSIC800WH

If you’re looking for premium level two-way class coaxial speakers with amazing audio and the ability to seamlessly crossover, look no further. The dual setup consists of an 8-inch blue polypropylene mica cone woofer along with a tiny fluid-cooled soft-dome tweeter. The cooling process is important because it makes the tweeter more efficient than other options while adding to the protection it receives from overheating and extending the high-frequency responses into ultra-high reals. The tweeter is also swivel mounted for maximized dispersion effects. All of the components come together to provide a versatile frequency response with high-quality and low impedance. Effortless mounting close to the ceilings and large mounting clamps secure the system in an effective manner.

Acoustic Audio R191

Get your hands quickly on the five cheap 2-way class speakers because of all the factors we just mentioned. These speakers do come in smaller dimensions, with a 5.25” dimensional woofer and a 12mm soft-dome tweeter, but they still have the impressive hardware and technological quirks attributed to this class of speakers. There is the extended throw assembly butyl, the incredible surrounds that assist in increasing the performance and durability for long-term. They are concealable and maintain a low profile when mounted and are also made of water-resistant materials. Easy mounting instructions and integrated locking mounting features are incorporated into the design of the system and add to the benefits of selecting them as your in-ceiling speakers. There is great value for money attached with this purchase as you get five speakers for such an affordable price.